Rtx 3060Ti, Future of Raytracing?, How to buy?, Price Reveal & Benchmarks

 Rtx 3060Ti | 4k Gaming at 60 fps? | Variants avilable in market | Ultra Raytracing mode |

rtx 3060ti

In this current generation, there are so many powerful Gaming GPU's available in this market, but when it comes to 4K gaming at 60 FPS then RTX 3060ti is definitely gonna deliver you that at a very budget price point of almost 450$.

Price & Features of Rtx 3060Ti-

There are so many gpu's manufacturing companies that manufacture Nvidia cards, so the price vary accoring to the manufacturer of the product.

The starting price of RTX 3060Ti is around 400$ but it varies upto 600$ which is quite high and of course you should not go for higher variants of this gpu, because all variants deliver almost same performance. You will hardly see a FPS difference of around 10-15 which is less.

Here is a list and price of RTX manufacuting companies-

1. EVGA ~ 400$
2. MSI ~ Not revealed yet
3. Zotac ~ N/A
4. Gigabyte ~ 460$
5. Palit ~ 510$
6. Colorful ~ 600$ (Tripple fan)
7. Galax ~ 590$

Nvidia RTX 3060Ti Features-

This card is compactly packed with features at this price point it delivers a complete package of performance and realibility.

CUDA Cores- 4864
Boost Clock- 1.67 GHz
Memory Type- GDDR6
2nd Gen RTX Cores

RTX 2080Ti Vs RTX 3060Ti-

In terms of performance and HD textures, RTX 3060Ti definitely wins the race. the good thing about this card is that it is much cheaper than 2080Ti and performs almost similar to it at less than half price of 2080Ti.

FPS Difference-

You may get shocked by knowing the fact that 3060Ti gives almost similar FPS as compared to 2080Ti, there is a very less differnce of 5-10 FPS only.

So, if you are looking for a best budget RTX gpu then you can definitely got for RTX 3060Ti.

Benchmarks of 3060Ti-

Here is graphical representation of benchmark test on 3 Games, officialy shown by NVidia.

3060ti benchmarks

Is 3060Ti good for Raytracing and 4K gaming?

Yes of course, this gpu is based on Nvidia's RTX second gen series and it is desgined such a way that you can have 60 FPS at 4K gaming with RTX enable.

But, you have to enable DLSS too for better and optimized gameplay.

That's it for the new Gaming beast, tell us in the comments what do you think of this new Gpu.

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