Among Us Hack, Mod Menu, Impostor, Radar, Updated

Among Us Hack, Mod Menu, Impostor, Radar, Updated 5 of 5

Among Us Hack, Kill CD Reset, Impostor, Radar hack [Updated]

Hello Everyone, we are back with new Among us hack, this game is quite new on PC and became very popular after its release.

Among Us cheats are very rare because this game is newly launched, but we got a free cheat for this game, hope you will enjoy using it.

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This hack was last updated on: 14-11-2020
We don't own this cheat it is public and Developed by: SneakyEvil

Among Us cheat free features-

- Radar show [Safe]
- Kill CD reset [Safe]
- Spawn as Impostor every time [Safe]
- Rainbow Color [Safe]
- Speed, and more [Risk]

Keys to activate hack Menu-

- Left shift for No clip

All Passwords required during downloaing process.

> Website download password "gaminganatomy"
> Hack Zip File Extract Password "123"

Download Free Among Us hack from here !!

For the downloading process click the download button below!

Your download will automatically starts in

Instructions Required-

Download File Instructions:

> Click on download button and enter the website file download password, i.e; "gaminganatomy" then a countdown of 40 seconds will start.

> Now, you will be redirected to a website named Linkvertise, there you just need to complete some really basic tasks like enable linkvertise notification and open any of their articles and read it for 15 seconds.

> After doing this, go back and your download button is unlock now, click on that and get your hack file.

Watch this video for download instructions-

Among Us hack Installation Instructions:

It is a very easy task to do just follow the instructions from below.
  • Extract the downloaded files in new folder: Password is "123"
  • Download any free dll injector for injecting the dll in the game.
  • Open the game and minimize it, then inject the dll in the game.
  • Enjoy the free cheat.

More about this free cheat-


This free cheat is very easy to install and safe to use, so you won't face any difficulty in installing this cheat.

This article is for eductional purpose only, we are not suggesting you to use public hacks.

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. it crashes when u finish tasks

  3. im confused on the Extract the downloaded files in new folder: Password is "123"
    Use any free dll injector for injecting and make the hack active.
    Open the game and minimize it, then inject the dll in the game.
    Enjoy the free cheat.

    1. Bruh .. Download and extract the hack, download process hacker free dll injector from google and inject the dll in the game.

  4. i enter the passcode then it says incorrect

  5. its not letting me it says it has a viris

    1. even when i do download it idk how to put it on my among us do i do it on bluestacks or steam among us?

    2. Your antivirus flagging this file is very likely to be a false positive.
      Gamecheets are often recognized as or confused with malware by antivirus services due to the way these programs interact with system processes, memory and the operating system itself. Gamecheets may also use some form of obfuscation to circumvent anti-cheet detection or prevent others from reverse engineering the author's work, which can also contribute to false positive flagging of files

  6. no one told me it would be a virus