Hyper Scape, New Battle Royale game is on the way, by UbiSoft

Hyper Scape, New Battle Royale game is on the way, by UbiSoft 5 of 5

Ubisoft's Hyper Scape gonna be out Soon

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The all-new Battle royale "Hyper Scape" developed by UbiSoft will gonna join the gaming world soon as reported by UbiSoft. Hyper Scape is a First-Person multiplayer shooting game with futuristic graphics and visuals. It is gonna be the first Sci-fi AAA first-paced action multiplayer game by Ubisoft. 

Just like other Battle Royale games like PUBG, Fortnite, Apex Legends, and COD Warzone, this game will have similar features but will differ in Visuals, extreme bright graphics, and some weapon resources, rest of the battle royale concept will be same.

So, What makes Hyper Scape different than other battle royale games?

Well, we all know what UbiSoft is and what UbiSoft actually do when it comes to developing games, they literally develop the best games in the world, like The Assassin's Creed Series, Tom clancy's Ghost Recon Series. So, Hyper Scape is gonna be another record-breaking Battle royale Game after Pubg.

What will Hyper Scape do to other Battle Royale Games?

This question is quite interesting like we know, there are other battle royale games which are very much popular as of now but the thing is that we all know people seek new stuff and this game is completely new for gamers.

So basically, people who love playing battle royale games gonna give it a try at least. If Ubisoft is able to counter major problems like FPS Drop, server lagging, High Pings, unoptimized Graphics, then Hyper Scape literally gonna break records because these are such things by which gamers are fed up of.

Hyper Scape Release Date-

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Hyper scape is going to be released on 12 July 2020 as reported by Ubisoft. This game is gonna available for PC first, but the thing is that this game will be in closed beta testing and will be available for only some specially invited game streamers, or pro gamers to make the game even better.

When will Hyper Scape Released for PlayStation?


 Well, I guess you guys better know the answer to this question, like we all know that PlayStation 5 is gonna released in the market in November 2020. So, Hyper Scape will be released for PlayStation with the launch of PlayStation 5. I know it's kinda difficult for PlayStation gamers to admit but that is the truth you have to wait until PS5 release.

How to download Hyper Scape?

As I told earlier Hyper scape is free-to-play but currently, this game is in beta testing, not everyone can play this game. In order to play this game, you have to register on Ubisoft's official website and watch Hyper scape streaming on twitch, then you will get a token to play the game.

Good Luck with Gaming 👍 

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