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Is Mobile Legends banned in India? | 29/June/2020 |

mobile legends ban

Mobile Legends is a very popular online multiplayer game having around 100 M+ downloads on Google play. Basically, it is a 5 VS 5 MOBA game in which Two teams i.e; red and blue fights with each other to protect and to destroy the base. The team which manages to destroy their enemy base first wins the game.

On 29/June/2020 exactly at 8:30 PM, the Indian government banned  59 Chinese apps including Mobile Legends Bang Bang, Tik Tok, Share it, and more.

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Here is the official tweet of the ban, including list-


ban tweet chinese apps

List of banned apps-

banned apps list

Is it a complete ban in India?

Well, it can be a complete ban on Mobile legends because the Indian Government considers the Chinese app as privacy leaking apps, So it can be a complete ban.

What will be the ban process?

It will take time for a complete ban, it will take almost 4-5 days for a complete ban. You will not be able to play Mobile Legends after 3-4 days so play it as much as you can.

How to bypass the ban and Play Mobile Legends?

Well, it is a very easy task you just have to do download a VPN and connect to any country like Singapore, Thailand, etc, but you will face high pings and lags but it's ok we love this game we can even play on High pings xD.

Now, what about Indian Mobile Legends YouTubers?

League of Legends wildrift is releasing soon, so everyone goona make videos on that.

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