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How to get Supreme Titles in Mobile Legends? Under 3K MMR?

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Mobile Legends is a very popular online multiplayer game with more than 100M downloads on Google play. Basically, it is a 5V5 MOBA game in which Two teams i.e; red and blue fight with each other to protect and to destroy the base. The team which manages to destroy their enemy base first wins the game.

So, let's talk about today's topic, every single player who play mobile legends must have known about Rankings, Supreme titles, and leaderboard system but it is quite difficult for a solo player to get good global ranking and supreme title all thanks to the worst matchmaking of Moonton. Mobile Legends is not meant for solo players this game is 100% unbalanced and has a very poor matchmaking system those who play in a fixed team easily get supreme titles n rankings. 

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How to get the supreme title if you are a solo player in ML?

well, it is quite easy to get supreme titles of your favorite hero. As we all know mobile legends is only popular in Asia region, there are a lot of active players in Asia, this game is less popular in regions like Europe, South America, and Africa. This means that there is no such competition of supreme titles in these regions, there are very few players from this region and most of them are Newbies.

So basically, you can get supreme titles of any country belongs to these regions with low MMR.

How to get Supreme titles of other countries in Mobile Legends?

In order to get supreme titles, follow the given steps below-

1. Go to google play store and download the Fake GPS app.

fake gps app

2. Now, open the app and enable storage permission.
3. After that, the app will ask to set Fake GPS as default device GPS. In order to do that, 
- Open phone settings, go to the developer options, and click on Select mock location APP.

fake gps location

- Now Select Fake GPS.

fakr gps permission

4. Now, Go back to the app and enable Location service, now you are good to go.
5. Open the Fake GPS app and move the location pin to navigate countries. I'll suggest you to select Peru country in South America at first because there are very higher chances of getting the supreme title at Low MMR.

peru fake gps

Which countries are best for Supreme titles at Low MMR?

Well, there are 196 countries in the world you can search for any small country because there are very high chances of getting title in small countries. After selecting any country, select the capital city or any city and click the play button.

But you don't have to worry about that, here we are recommending the countries names.

- Singapore
- Spain
- Peru
- Belarus
- Ukraine
- Turkey
- Qatar
- Kuwait
- Poland
- Chile
- Greece
- Netherlands
- Bulgaria

You can select any of them but remember one thing, you can change your location once in a week only, so choose wisely.

Now, what to do after choosing a country?

1. Firstly, minimize the app and open the game.
2. Go to Leaderboards, street ranking, and click on the settings button at the top right corner.

mobile legends street ranking

3. Now, update the location, your location will be changed as selected in the Fake GPS location app.
5. Go back, play one match with your hero and you will be ranked.

It won't take much time, just follow all the steps and you are good to go.

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