How to get Valorant Beta Access with Twitch Bot.

How to get Valorant Beta Access with Twitch Bot. 5 of 5

How to Increase Your Valorant beta access chances on Twitch?

valorant beta access

Valorant is a free to play multiplayer game that is developed by the Riot Games that is recognized for developing the world's most popular game League of legends. Valorant is a first-person shooter multiplayer game like Counter strike global offensive, Valorant is currently being tested in beta version and soon going to be released for Windows in the mid of summer 2020.

How to play Valorant in Beta access?

It is not a very easy task to get access to valorant beta play there are very fewer chances that you will get access into the valorant beta because Riot games do not have the preorder feature. So, in order to play this game Read my previous post
about How you can get access to Valorant closed beta by watching Twitch streams.

Read this post before continuing-

Is it guaranteed that you will get access to Valorant Beta by watching Twitch stream?

Well, there are very fewer chances to get access to Valorant beta by watching Twitch streams because there are so many viewers who are watching streams at the same time and it is very difficult for Riot Games to give beta access to every single viewer. So, only the active viewers who are watching stream continuously from a couple hours will get the invite to beta access by Riot games.

Is there any way other than watching the stream to get Valorant Beta access?

Yes, of course, there are so many ways to get Valorant Beta access. The most working method is Twitch bot.

Twitch Bot

valorant free access beta

Twitch bot viewer is the best way available to get access to Valorant beta. It is very easy to use software, it will automatically generate an invite ticket to access Valorant beta.

How Twitch Bot works?

Well, it is very easy to use Twitch bot you just have to install the Twitch bot and after that set it up on any of the Valorant streams on Twitch and leave your PC undisturbed for a couple hours you will automatically get an invitation ticket to Valorant closed beta.

How to download Twitch bot for free?

There are many Twitch bot available on the internet but I will suggest you use this one. I personally tried this and I got an invitation to Valorant beta access.

Visit this website below to download Twitch bot for free:

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