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Valorant | Game Review | How to access the beta version?


Valorant is a first-person shooter multiplayer game that is developed by the Riot Games company that is recognized for developing the world's most popular game League of legends. Valorant is a free-to-play multiplayer game like Counter strike global offensive, Valorant is currently being tested in beta version and soon going to be released for Windows in the mid of summer 2020.

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System Requirements for Valorant: Minimum

Processor: Intel i3-370M


GPU: Intel HD 3000

Operating System: Windows 7/8/10

System Requirements for Valorant: Recommended

Processor: Core i5-4460


GPU: GTX 1050 Ti

Operating System: Windows 7/8/10

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The gameplay of Valorant:

valorant hacks

Valorant is a 5 VS 5 TDM first-person shooting game in which two teams one is the attacker and the other one is defender battles with each other, this game has so many different characters like League of legends all characters are equipped with different abilities and skills.

This game is quite similar to CSGO like in Valorant you have to buy abilities in the gameplay in order to battle with opponents. This game has all categories of weapons like CSGO have, SMG's, shotguns, machine guns, AR, SR.

In the main gameplay, there are two teams the attackers and the defender as I told earlier. The main objective of the team attacker is to plant a bomb at a particular sight or they have to wipe the defender team before 100s( duration of one round ) in order to win.

Similarly, the defender team has to diffuse the planted bomb or to wipe out the attacker team in order to win the round. There are a total of 24 rounds in this game after every 12 rounds the team defending team switches to attacker team or vice versa. The team who scores best in 24 rounds wins the game.

How to Access the Valorant Closed beta?

valorant free

Well, it is not a very easy task to do there are very fewer chances that you will get access into the valorant beta because Riot games do not have the preorder feature. So, in order to play this game follow the given instructions carefully:-

1. Go to the Riot Games official website and register an account by clicking here.

2. Now go to the Twitch official website and register an account there if you already have one the Link your Twitch account with the Riot games registered account.

3. Now open your Twitch account and watch any live stream of the valorant game.

4. Watch the live stream for at least 2-5 hours per day in order to get a chance to play the game.

If you are active enough on watching the live stream of valorant then you may get a chance to play the game in the beta version. I know this task is quite difficult to do but in order to achieve something you have to sacrifice.

The more you will watch the live streams the more chances of getting beta access will be increased.

Hackers in Valorant

valorant esp

There are many types of hacks people use in this game like there are many hackers in every game similarly hacks for this game are published on UC and MPGH these are the hacking communities that provide free and paid hacks like Valorant ESP hack, Valorant Aimbot hack, Valorant ability hack, Valorant no-recoil hack, etc.

I will suggest staying away from these hacking communities because they can steal your personal information and harm your PC.

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