PUBG PC Lite New Free Wall hack, Aimbot, and No Recoil, Updated

PUBG PC Lite New Free Wall hack, Aimbot, and No Recoil, Updated 5 of 5

PUBG PC Lite New ESP, Aimbot, No Recoil Hack for free Updated 2020

pubg pc lite chinese hack

PUBG PC Lite is an online multiplayer battle royale game. It is free to play and also the first battle-royale game to be made, the concept of battle royale games started from this game. Now PUBG PC Lite is one of the most popular games on the internet also it brings a revolution in the gaming industry. I really don't think that I have to introduce this game you all guys know PUBG very well.

This game is pretty difficult to play in higher Leagues like  Ace, conquer, So many players try to push their rank in conquer league in order to get more exp and special rewards. The competition in higher leagues is quite high so it is very difficult to reach high leagues but there are so many hacks that give you an advantage over other players by using that you can push rank faster.

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Pubg PC lite free undetectable hack download:


Any kind of hack may interfere with your personal computer data and details also using hacks can affect your Hardware performance so you should not use hacks. There are different kinds of hacks like PUBG Lite ESP hack, PUBG Lite Aimbot hack, PUBG Lite No-Recoil hacks, Flying car hack, and much more. Our intention is not to promote any kind of hacks.

About this Hack

pubg lite esp

This hack is free to use and is developed by a very popular Chinese hack developer website name 2fzw you can search it on google for more details. It is undetectable, by using this hack you will see enemies through wall i.e; ESP also you will get a perfect aim and weapon stability will shooting,i.e; Aimbot & No Recoil mode.

What is the status of this hack?

it is an undetectable hack.

Who is the developer of this hack?

Chinese developer named 2fzw.

What is the version of this hack?

Last updated on 26 April 2020.

What else features this hack have?

This hack provides free Resources ESP which means you can even see resources through the wall to get loot faster also this hack is having perfect aim feature which means your every single bullet will hit the enemy.

The most amazing feature of this hack is high jump hack and speed hack which means you can jump higher than usual and can climb roofs and move faster and can camp easily.

What are the system requirements to use this hack without any issue?

  1. To run this hack without facing any lag, you must have an Intel i3 or an AMD Ryzen 3 Series processor or you may face lag.

  2. Windows 8 or 8.1 is the minimum requirement to run this hack.
  3. This hack supports all versions of Windows 10.

How to Use this hack?

1. Start the game

2. Change Ingame Settings to Borderless

3. Extract the hack files

4. Find the .exe file and run as administrator.

5. Click on the Ok button 3 times when a dialogue box will pop-up.

6. Now this hack is active simply click on ESP, Aimbot, and No recoil and enable them and enjoy the game.

Is it safe to use?

Yes, of course, as I mentioned earlier this hack is undetectable and safe to use but I will suggest you use this hack with a guest account first.

How to download pubg lite free hack?

To download this hack, Click the download button below and enjoy it.

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