How to Prevent Hackers in Gaming Tournaments?

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Hackers in Gaming Tournaments Like, Esl, Esl play.


You must've heard of PMSC ( Pubg mobile star challenge ), ESL, etc these are the gaming tournaments being organized at international level every year, many professional sports teams like RRQ, Cloud 9, Evos Sports, etc participate in these gaming tournaments to win global reputation and also the prize pool.

These tournaments are at international level so it is very difficult for gamers to compete with their opponents in order to qualify the auditions round and to go further because of this much difficulty many gamers try to use professional hacks which are paid, undetectable and developed by professional hackers due to which they get an unfair advantage over other players in the tournament.

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Do hacking is possible in International level Gaming tournaments?

All these international level tournaments are well organized and it is very difficult to do hacking in such tournaments also the organizers of these tournaments have a very developed anti-cheat system that can detect hacks in order to spot hackers.


To explain this more I would like to give you an example of a CSGO Game tournament held in Europe in 2018. In this tournament, a player named Forsaken from team Optic India who was representing India for the first time in CSGO history, this player was using Aimbot in that tournament. He got caught by the admin team while they were spectating him after that they checked his PC he was using a suspicious file called Word.txt that helps him to aim perfectly on enemies after he gets caught whole Optic India team was terminated from the tournament.

So, it is very difficult to use hacks in these tournaments you should practice and play on your own.

Can you use hacks in Local Gaming tournaments?

Yes, you can use hacks in local gaming tournaments because in local tournaments most of the time the organizers do not have their own developed anti-cheat system mostly they are dependent on the game anti-cheat system and the game anti-cheat system is very easy to bypass. Professional hackers can easily bypass game anti-cheat and make it very easy to play and win the tournament.

What Hacks do Hackers use in Gaming tournaments?

cod warzone hack

Well, there are many different types of hacks for every single game but I will try to explain this by taking some examples of a few popular games that are being played at the tournament level.

Hackers use COD Warzone hacks, Pubg hacks, Fortnite hacks, Pubg mobile hacks, Dota 2 hacks, League of legends hacks, etc in gaming tournaments.

Some common hacks of all these games:-

1. Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) Hack- It is a very common hack, It allows hackers to see the enemy through walls and any objects and provide an unfair advantage to them so they can easily spot and kill the enemy.

2. Aimbot Hack- This hack is also very common it allows hackers to aim an enemy automatically and provides accuracy to them while shooting.

3. No-Recoil Hack- This hack removes all the recoiling force of a weapon and provides stability to the user while shooting.

Is there any way to prevent hacking in gaming tournaments?

Yes, of course, everything has an end right so there are many ways to prevent hacking in local gaming tournaments one of the most effective method that is getting used by most of the local tournament organizers is the Moss Anti-cheat.

Moss Anti-cheat


It is an anti-cheat software that is used by gaming tournament organizers to prevent hackers from the gaming tournament in order to organize a fair tournament.

How does this Software work?

It is required by the organizers to install Moss anti-cheat before any participant participates in the tournament. At the time of gameplay, the Moss anti-cheat takes a screenshot every second of the participant desktop screen and then send it to the organizers so they can make sure that the user is not using ESP, Aimbot, no-recoil or any kind of hacks.

How to download Moss Anti-cheat?

Click the link below to download Moss Anti-cheat from Official Website.


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