How to Buy Customized Gaming PC Online?

Buy Customized Gaming PC Online:

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As we know, the online gaming industry is growing very rapidly day by day and now gaming became an important part of life. The faster the industry is growing, games with more advanced graphics are releasing every day, which requires very good PC hardware to play and some people can not decide where to buy a good, reliable, and powerful gaming pc.

So, I am going to tell you guys that from where you can buy really good hardware at an optimum price.

From where to buy PC Hardware?

Well, there are so many online websites from where you can purchase hardware like, Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, etc, either you can buy every single component like, GPU, RAM sticks, Processor individually or you can buy a pre-assembled gaming PC from these websites but let me tell you that, purchasing a pre-assembled gaming PC from these websites is not a very good option because those pre-assembled PC's are quite expensive instead of that you should buy every single component individually from these websites in order to get your PC ready on less price.

How to buy Pre Used or 2nd Hand Hardware components at a low price?

Well, as we know not every single person who loves to play games can buy new GTX, RTX series graphics card or processors of Ryzen 9 or i9 series but there is a really good way from where you can purchase Used PC components at a very low price which are tested and working 100%.

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AliExpress app

AliExpress is an online shopping Website like Amazon, eBay that sells almost all products New and pre-used at very fewer prices. Now, coming to the point, from this website you will get really good deals on PC components.

So, you must go to and go search whatever you want to buy and make your dream Gaming PC.

Is it safe to buy Used Hardware from AliExpress?

gtx 950 ti on aliexpress

Yes, of course, It is quite safe to buy used hardware from AliExpress. All the components that are available on the website are 100% working and tested by the AliExpress team.

But before buying make sure that the seller of the product is trusted on the website and has good reviews.

How to buy Pre-assembled PC at Low Price?

There are many websites that sell Pre-assembled gaming PC online at a very low price but the Best one I prefer is Ant PC.


ant pc logo

ANT-PC is an online Indian website that is very much popular and also has one of the best services like free shipping. The most interesting thing about this website is the Self PC customization option, which means you can customize your PC according to you like, You can select what processor, Graphics card, RAM, Hard disk, PSU, SSD, Motherboard, and CPU case should be installed in your gaming PC.

All you have to do is just to visit the website and after that click on the gaming tab and customize your PC according to you or buy a suggested gaming PC by the Website.

Is it safe to shop from ANT-PC | How much time does it take for the home delivery?

ant pc budget gaming pc

Yes, it is totally safe to buy from ANT PC, as I told earlier ANT PC has a very great reputation in India as well as in neighboring countries. All the components used for PC build are new and working.

For the delivery time, It usually takes 3-4 days or more than a week depends on which area you live in.

That's it for this post guys, go visit these mentioned websites and customize your dream gaming pc and have fun.

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