Top Mages in Mobile Legends For Guaranteed Win S-17.

Top Mages in Mobile Legends For Guaranteed Win S-17. 5 of 5

Top Mage heroes for Solo rank push Season 17:

mobile legends best heroes

Mobile legends is a very popular online multiplayer game having around 100 M+ downloads on Google play. Basically, it is a 5 VS 5 MOBA game in which Two teams i.e; red and blue fights with each other to protect and to destroy base. The team which manages to destroy their enemy base first wins the game.

So, as we know it's a strategy based game and is very difficult to claim win without knowing about the right emblem configuration, equipment build, battle spell and about hero's skills. Actually it is very difficult to push rank because there are many hackers in the game they use mobile legends hacks like mobile legends radar hack, mobile legends zoom hack, mobile legends esp, mobile legends damage hack. so, in order to win the game you have to play the right hand.

Top Mages for solo Rank Push:

#3. Harith:

harith pro gameplay

As we all know he is one of the legendary hero in the game since ever release. This little guy is so powerful that he can even do 1 VS 5 without getting hurt. This little guy has great sustainability because of his passive skill. This little guy deserve number one spot but due to the release of new mage heroes in game this little guy loses his position but still one the most the most powerful mage till now. 

Why you should use Harith?

1. Very easy to use, great damage in early and late game as well.
2. Generates sheild when dashes near enemy.
3. Great AOE, Mobility.
4. Can start killing easily at level 4.


Harith is very easy to master and alos have very easy combos, the most effective which i personally use is:-

Ultimate > 2nd skill > 1st skill > 2nd skill > 1st skill... and spam this combo.

Synergy with heroes:

He is a mage type hero and have great AOE so he can be combined with any Crowd control tank to dominate easily.

1. Grock
2. Minotaur
4. Khufra

#2. Lunox:

lunox elite skin

As we all know this cute little girl is a mage type hero who can even burn tanks like a paper on getting his ultimate skill. Everyone is scared of this little girl, no one tries to gank this little girl because she has great immune skill i.e; her light ultimate, by using this she can be immune for few seconds. By using ger dark ultimate she is able to spam her second skill without Cool down time. So, this little cute girl deserves to be on second spot in this meta.

Why you should use Lunox?

1. Great escaping skills.
2. Great damage, Less Skill CD time.
3. Insane Lifesteal.
4. Can start dominating once reaches level 4.


 Lunox is very easy to master and have very easy fixed combos to use. The combo i prefer is:-

For Dark ultimate:

3rd skill > Ultimate (4th skill) > Spam 2nd skill.

For Light Ultimate:

1st skill > 1st skill > Ultimate.

Synergy with heroes:

She has a great damage in early game so she can be combined with CC heroes like:-

1. Tigreal
2. Belerick
3. Khufra
4. Hylos

#1. Cecilion:

cecilion pro gameplay

Cecilion is a very powerful mage hero who have very great damage in early and late game as well. This hero was added in the game at the end of season 15. This vampire can deal crazy amount of damage with his ultimate and second skill. This hero have great crowd control abilities that can immobilize enemies for a while and meanwhile can finish them. His abilities are very much helpful in group fights and ganks, that's why this vampire deserves to be on number one in this meta.

Why you should use Cecilion?

1. Great damage, can immobilize for few seconds.
2. Great AOE.
3. Sustainability increases while using ultimate.
4. Can invade enemy buff easily.


1st skill > 2nd skill > 1st skill > Ultimate

Synergy with Heroes:

This crazy mage have very great AOE so he can be combined with any good tank.

1. Tigreal
2. Belerick
3. Gatotkacha
4. Minotaur

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