Top Assassin in Mobile Legends Season 17.

ML best Assassin's, Season 17 Top heroes.

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Mobile Legends is a very popular online multiplayer game having around 100 M+ downloads on Google play. Basically, it is a 5 VS 5 MOBA game in which Two teams i.e; red and blue fights with each other to protect and to destroy the base. The team which manages to destroy their enemy base first wins the game.

So, as we know it's a strategy based game and is very difficult to claim win without knowing about the right emblem configuration, equipment build, battle spell, and about hero's skills. Actually, it is very difficult to push rank because there are many hackers in the game they use mobile legends hacks like mobile legends radar hack, mobile legends zoom hack, mobile legends esp, mobile legends damage hack. so, in order to win the game, you have to play the right hand.

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Top Assassin Heroes For Solo Rank Push:

#3. Natalia:

natalia pro gamplay

Natalia is a sneaky assassin who can kill any squishy hero with just one hit by hiding. This hero has great damage and very high mobility. This hero can start killing once she reaches level 4. She is a little weak in the early game but can kill anyone solo because of her passive skill due to which Natalia can hide for 5 sec seconds without getting detected in radar. I place this hero on number 3 in this season because this hero is re-vamped in the S-17 update and got more damage and enhanced skills than before. So, only because of this update she deserves to be on number 3 spot.

Why you should use Natalia?

1. High mobility and high damage.
2. Easy to master and becomes invincible with her passive skill for a few seconds.
3. Easy Combos, great ability to Roam around the map.
4. Immune from basic attacks when in smoke.


Natalia is very easy to master and have very easy combos to learn, the one which is followed by most pro players is:-

Basic attack > 2nd skill > basic attacks > 1st skill > ultimate to finish off enemies.

Synergy with heroes:

Since Natalia is a sneaky assassin type hero and has the ability to kill solo but she can be unstoppable if combined with heroes like:-

1. Grock
2. Minotaur
3. Gatotkacha 

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#2. Gusion:

gusion epic skin

Gusion is the most powerful mage type assassin in the game since ever released also he is one of the most banned heroes in mythic league matches. This hero has very great abilities to snowball or gank once he reaches level 4. I don't think that I have to tell u guys about this handsome guy more you guys know about this hero very well.

Why you should use Gusion?

1. Great damage in the early game and also very great escaping skills.
2. Can farm very quickly, has Great AOE.
3. Can even melt any tank with one combo in the early game.
4. Great synergy with almost every hero.


Gusion is a very powerful assassin hero in the Mobile legends since ever released so this hero is very difficult combos the master, the most effective combo is:-

1st Skill > 2nd Skill > Ultimate > 1st skill > 2nd skill > 1st skill > 2nd skill.

I know this combo is quite difficult and big but once if you master this combo then you are going to dominate the game.

Synergy with Heroes:

Since Gusion can be combined with any heroes and have very great damage and can dominate if combined with the following heroes:-

1. Grock
2. Lolita
3. Hylos 

#1. Selena:

selena pro gamplay

Selena is one of the most powerful mage assassin heroes in the game. She is like a goddess of the early game, there isn't any hero left whom Selena can't kill in the early game. This little girl is so powerful that she can even kill any tank once it reaches level 2.

Why you should use Selena?

1. Can kill any hero on just level 2 even tanks afraid of Selena.
2. Can farm very Quickly, High mobility.
3. Her traps work as a camera and provide a view where placed on the map.
4. She can stun any enemy from a long-range which is very helpful to initiate team fights.


Selena is very difficult to master even more difficult than Gusion. Mastering her combos require very much practice. The most effective Combo for this little girl which I personally use is:-

1st skill > 2nd skill > 3rd skill > 1st skill > 2nd skill > basic attack > 2nd skill.

Synergy with Heroes:

Selena is a little squishy and requires a good tank to dominate the game, some of them are as follows:-

1. Lolita
2. Khufra
3. Grock
4. Hylos

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