Top Fighters in Mobile Legends Season 17

Top Fighters for Solo Rank Push in ML Season 17 update:

ml meta heroes

Mobile legends is very popular online multiplayer game which have more than 100 M downloads on Google play. Basically, it is a 5 VS 5 game like DOTA 2 & League of Legends in which Two teams i.e; red and blue fights with each other to protect and to destroy base. The team which destroy their enemy base first wins the game.

So, as we know it's a strategy based game and is very difficult to get victory without knowing about the right emblem configuration, equipment build, battle spell and about hero's skills. Actually it is very difficult to push rank because there are many hackers in the game they use mobile legends hacks like mobile legends radar hack, mobile legends zoom hack, mobile legends esp, mobile legends damage hack. so, in order to win the game you have to play the right hand.

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Top 3 Fighters in Mobile Legends S-17 Meta:

#3. Leomord:

Leomord best build

I know you guys might me wondering that why i put this hero on number 3 in season 16 but let me explain to you why, this hero is one of the most strongest hero in the game if you mastered this forgotten legendary hero then you can even win 1 VS 5 fights if you r having right emblem sets, equipment build and also master his combos trust me he is one of the most strongest hero whom you can buy if you are a solo player and trying to push your rank to mythic league.

Why You should use Leomord?
1. Great burst damage in early game.
2. Can farm very fast because of his passive and skill 1.
3. Can start pushing at level 4.
4. Deal critical damage if enemy hp is below 30%.

The most easy and effective combo for this hero which is used by most pro Leomord players is :-

Ultimate > 2nd skill > 1st skill > 1st skill > 2nd skill.

Synergy With Heroes:
This hero have a great ability to push so he can be combined with any good crowd control tank like:-

1. Grock
2. Mintotaur
3. Tigreal
4. Khufra

#2. X-Borg:
xborg fighter

X-Borg is one of the most powerful hero in mobile legends, he can deal massive damage in early game and can harass enemy with by spamming his first skill. This hero was nerfed in season 15 but still he is in meta fighters. This hero deserves to be on number 2 spot because of his great damage and escaping skills.

Why You should use X-Borg?
1. Can Harass enemy.
2. Great Sustainability.
3. Great early game damage.
4. Great abilities to join and escape team fights.

The most effective combo for this hero is:-

1st skill > 2nd skill > Ultimate.

Synergy with Heroes:
This hero is very useful in team fights and have very massive damage so, he can be used with any crowd control hero like:-

1. Vale
2. Aurora
3. Tigreal
4. Belerick

#1. Badang:
bandag fighter ml

Badang is one of the most over powered fighters since ever released. This hero has the ability to finish off whole enemy team with just one combo. He deserves to be on number 1 spot in this season 16 meta because this hero is very easy to master and have very easy combos.

Why You should use Badang?
1. Great damage and sustainability.
2. Can finish off enemy with one combo.
3. Immune to Crowd control while using his Ultimate.
4. Can push and farm in early game easily.


The most easy combo for this hero i prefer is:-

2nd skill > 1st skill > ultimate ( This combo is very easy to execute.)

Synergy With Heroes:

Since, this hero is very easy to use and has great ability to push so he can be combined with any good tank like :-

1. Tigreal

2. Gatotkacha

3. Khufra

4. Belerick

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